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Embedded MIDI Synthesis and Digital Signal Processing for Ringtones, Sound Effects, and Game Audio


Features and Benefits

  • Personalizes devices with ringtones and interactive sound effects
    • Built-in content
    • Downloadable content
  • Delivers highest quality audio experience in a lightweight footprint
  • Enhances all device audio with advanced signal processing
  • Designed for portable devices with DSP’s and embedded processors
    • Modular customizable architecture
    • Extremely efficient—low power draw
    • Compact memory footprint
  • Committed to compatibility with industry content & device
    • 3GPP (5-24 note device profi les)
    • MMA (SP-MIDI, General MIDI Lite, Mobile XMF, Mobile DLS)
  • Licensed flexibly and affordably


  • Scalable Polyphony MIDI (SP-MIDI) compatible
  • Mobile XMF, Mobile DLS compatible
  • General MIDI (GM1), Standard MIDI File types 0 and 1 compatible
  • Mono or stereo synthesis
  • 4 to 256 voice polyphony (limited by available MIPs and memory)
  • 16-bit/8-bit hybrid soundfile set (for higher quality in specific instruments)
  • 22.05 kHz native sampling rate
  • 128 GM melodic instruments and 47 GM percussion sounds
  • Variable wavetable sizes (sub-100k to 1 MB)
  • Multiple wavetable styles (optional)
    • Traditional GM (standard playback in all styles)
    • Techno GM (for an 80s or electronica style in any file)
  • Streaming MIDI capable
  • Downloadable RAM-based sound banks
  • Sound effects API for triggering wavetable-based sounds, e.g. interactive game audio (can be mixed with other MIDI playback)
  • Interactive Audio API for digital audio mixing across applications
  • Two LFOs per voice (for filter modulation or vibrato/tremolo effects)
  • Two 4-stage envelopes (amplitude and modulation)
  • Dynamic 2-pole filters
  • Noise generator
  • Pitch tuning and modulation
  • Processing requirements less than 1 voice per MIP on low cost DSP’s
  • Memory requirements less than 128 bytes per voice
  • Audio processing effects (optional):
    • MobileSurround™ 3D expansion
    • MobileVerb™ reverberation
    • MobileMax™ loudness maximization
    • Upsampler and Exciter processing for 44.1kHz output
    • EQ